English Activities

You have to handwrite about your first experiences with computers. Where have you started? With whom? Which Operating System have you used? Please describe in two pages (in paper) your first days with computers. Then you can write about your learning and how is your level now: what you can and cannot do, what you would like to learn, etc

1.- Linus Torvalds exercise: fill in the gaps

2.- Barack Obama victory Speach: open cloze


video - exercice starting in minute 15.21.


3.- Spanish politicians talking foreign languages
4.- Read this article and comment it with your mates:
 Apple's iMessages and the federal fight over data privacy

5.- The Turing Machine
A Turing machine is an abstract machine that manipulates symbols on a strip of tape according to a table of rules; to be more exact, it is a mathematical model of computation that defines such a device. Despite the model's simplicity, given any computer algorithm, a Turing machine can be constructed that is capable of simulating that algorithm's logic.

Turing Machine
The teacher will tell you how to see the presentation

Turing Machine description and samples

extra information: On computable numbers - original article by Alan Turing 1936

6.- Broken gadgets video:

Read it

7.- Steve Jobs commencement speach at Stanford

8.- Six Minutes English: ticket to Mars 

9.- EOI sample exams
nivell bàsic
nivell intermedi
nivell avançat
nivell C1
nivell C2 

10.- Prototype of an expert system in Prolog
The previous file contains information about how to install and use it. It is an Expert System prototype to decide which is the sport you should do.
The beginning has comments that explain a bit how to install it in Ubuntu and run it with the Prolog interpreter.

11.- web Adds platforms:
Google AdSense
Google AdWords
Affiliate marketing
Sample: Amazon:

12- What would have happened if superheros were real? How history would have changed since the end of the Second World War? Discuss how things would have changed until today. Then watch the video and comment the soundtrack.

Times are changing

13.- USA elections 2016

Donald Trump's victory speech in full

 Hillary Clinton's Full Concession Speech

13.- The Imitation Game
plot (The teacher will tell you how to see the text)

 Article about another great book based on Alan Turing

Exercise: Write a report about a movie you like 

Sample of different kinds of English writtings you might have to do
(The teacher will tell you how to see the text)

English Pronunciation material

14.- Superhumans (FilmEnglish)

15- Textese activity (teacher only)
Textese students 

16.- Peter's Friends movie


 Watch it here
 Questions about the Movie

17.- Watch the following videos about Information theory

Discuss in groups how you could detect Extraterrestial intelligent aliens.
Do you think we will contact with them one day?

18 .- Einstein biographyhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwLv0fnQBxGzc0xwdUxKa1Vubnc/viewkk
(ask the teacher for help to get it)

19.- No wallets

20.- Pixar in a Box (KhanAcademy)

21.- Travel checklist
Read this travel checklist and remove/add the idems you don't agree with.

22.- Create your European CV in English. Follow the previous link for the format
Create your language passport
Check the Europass Diploma Supplement of your studies
Here you also have it in Spanish 

At this link also information about the other Vocational studies of our High School

23 .- Bob Dylan Nobel 2016 Lecture

Lecture text in: nobelprize.org

Annex: The seven bridges of Konigsberg
Can you find a way through the city that crosses each bridge exactly once?

solucion (teacher only)
history (teacher only)
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The Entscheidungsproblem asks for an algorithm that takes as input a statement of a first-order logic (possibly with a finite number of axioms beyond the usual axioms of first-order logic) and answers "Yes" or "No" according to whether the statement is universally valid, i.e., valid in every structure satisfying the axioms.

Some interesting resources:
Recommended Blog, by Mandy Vidal
The Sounds of English 
Como pronunciar otros idiomas
English Resources:
 Word Reference (English dictionary, you can listen how  to say the words) 

Fantastic videos english teacher