4th ESO - English - Theory

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Correct and wrong way to sit down with a Computer:

1st Term ---
1.- Linux Torvalds video (fill in the gaps)

2.- Introduction to the Operating Systems
     BBC Operating Systems introduction

     Components of an Operating System - read section 4

Steps to install Ubuntu in a Computer (main points):
  • Download a ISO file from the Ubuntu website. Select the desktop version you prefer for 32 or 64 bits.
  • Create a bootable pendrive using the Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator
  • Make sure you have a backup of your important data in the PC you are going to install Ubuntu into.
  • Change the BIOS options of your PC to boot from the pendrive
  •  Boot from pendrive
  • Follow the instructions
Note: This is just a quick summary. To be done complete at the classroom with students

3.- CPU
CPU components

Book recommendation:

Video about how to improve your computer (Joan Jofre)

4.- Units of memory
- A bit is the smallest unit of memory. It is a 0 or a 1, white or black, yes or no depending how you interpret its meaning.

A Byte is a group of 8 bits.

- A KB (KiloByte) is composed of 1024 bytes (= 2 10 )
- A MB (MegaByte) is composed of 1024 KB
- A GB (GigaByte) is composed of 1024 MB
- A TB (TeraByte) is composed of 1024 GB
- A PB (PentaByte) is composed of 1024 TB


check solution

Counting with one hand as chinese do:

5.- Binary and Hexadecimal systems

Sample questions:
Answer the following questions:
1. Transform the following binary numbers into decimal
a) 11100101
b) 10101010
c) 00010100

2. Transform the following hexadecimal numbers into decimal
a) AB90
b) 9010
c) 4BC9
check solution
binary calculator   (only to check results)
hexadecimal calculator

2nd Term----
Computer Networks
BBC Material: see 3 sections: Networks and communications
The internet

Review in each of them the theory, video and questions

video about token ring

Aloha video seen at the class

Tim Berners-Lee ~ The World Wide Web:

Khan Academy: Internet videos.

3rd Term----
0.-  Symmetric and Aymmetric cryptography
The imitation game trailer

optinoal task: write a movie report to give to the teacher-
Report sample about a book
How to write a report and other writtings can be found here
1.- Watch this video by Juan Merodio
2.- Answer when a company wants to have social networks:
  • When you have to use Facebook?
  • Twitter?
  • Instagram?
  • LinkedIn?
Info and Video about the chinese supercomputer and info about the  Mare Nostrum
Video about Ubuntu (20 min)

Video about secure web connections (Joan Jofra, starting at min 35.38) Risks and implications of ICT
Data and  Databases
La Caixa

Affiliate program by Amazon:

Things to check:
Google Analytics

 Task to be done about sequrity:
- Check how the electronic DNI works. Does it have any cryptographic key? Explain it
- Find some cryptographic algoritms. Are they private or public?
- How does Whatsapp give the encryption keys to both peers?

Industrial and commercial applications Class Clips