Friday, 19 December 2014

2012 Millennium Technology Prize Laureate Linus Torvalds: exercice

Watch the video and fill in the gaps


When you surf the _________________ you are using Linux. Over 90 % of the world's top 500 supercomputers run it. 80 % of the world's financial trades run on it. 850.000 new mobile phones containing it get activated it every day. The experimental project that Linus Torvalds started as a student back in ____________ is today the kernel of the world’s most widely adopted free open source operating system.
It started very ______________, oh, so originally obviously it was just my own private project just in my bedroom me and my computer. I initially made it ________________ to and told just a few people but, hey, I've done this project, I worked on it for several months and there were just a couple of people who I'd met over the Internet who were interested in an ______________ System. I don't even know how it really … I mean it just kept growing. People told each other, we had some ______________ lists. We had discussions on various newsgroups and more and more people got involved, it took a long time, I mean to some people it looks like an overnight thing when they suddenly started hearing about Linux but it wasn't overnight. It was like years of slow ______________ where suddenly you reach certain milestones that made it more approachable to more people.
Most people probably use Linux without ever realising it. You might use it when you use your cell phone, If you have an ___________ cell phone, if you're ever on the net you probably use Google to look things up, Google runs Linux, even if you don't run Linux yourself on your machines the servers at the other end run Linux, but also in situations when you might not even be ___________ that you're using a computer. Maybe when your using an ATM or when you're sitting on a long flight and watching a movie on your personal movie screen, quite a lot of those are running Linux too. When people never notice. Linux has grown to become big in _____________, but it's even bigger in its core idea the idea that like Torvalds had from the very beginning: Freedom, the freedom to use the software for any _______________, the freedom to change it to suit your needs and the freedom to share the changes you make. There's a lot of ways you can use Linux commercially. There is obviously a lot of ways where you can use Linux not commercially. And I think these are often both equally important that you can use Linux without making a business out of it, because you want to _______________________ people.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Steve jobs Stanford commencement speech 2005: exercice

Watch the two videos and answer the following questions:


1st story:  Connecting the dots

1.    Why did his mother want to put him up for adoption?

2.    Does Steve have a university degree?/Why did he drop  out of Reed College?

3.    How did he feel when he dropped out from college?

4.    What did he do?

5.    What was useful to him when he designed the first Macintosh computer?

6.    What would have happened if he had never dropped out? 

2nd story: Love and loss
1.    How did Apple change in 10 years?

2.    What unexpected event happened when he had just created the Macintosh?

3.    How did he feel?

4.    Why didn’t he give up and run away? 

5.    What did he do during the next five years?

6.    What is Pixar famous for? 

7.    How did he go back to Apple? 

8.    What advice does he give? 

3rd story: Death
1.    What advice does he give this time? 

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